Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How much time does it take to be a volunteer?
A. It varies from week to week, but on average you’ll put in seven or eight hours. Many volunteers enjoy putting in more.

Q. What will my training cost?
A. It will cost you nothing. Experienced, professional training will be made available to you.

Q. How long will it be before I can make a genuine contribution?
A. Immediately. And your responsibilities will increase as you gain experience and training.

Q. Will I have any out-of-pocket costs?
A. No. Your uniform, equipment – even your annual physical – will be provided for free.

Q. Am I too young to join?
A. Most fire departments in the county accept volunteers at 16 years old with a parent’s permission. Speak with the recruitment coordinator at your local fire department or EMS unit to learn more.

Q. Am I too old to try something like this?
A. You’re never too old to make a difference in your community and not every volunteer runs into a burning building. Truck drivers, firehouse cooks, fire police, administrative personnel; if you have a skill, we have a way to use it.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Just call the Rockland County Training Center at 364-8800 or visit the web site at to learn all you need to know about becoming a fire or rescue provider.

Business Community

Q. How much work time would my employee be away from his or her job as a volunteer?
A. It varies from month to month, but on the average volunteers are called upon only an occasional hour or two per month during work times and only in extreme emergencies. They’re also called on to put in a total of approximately 8 to 10 hours per month of their own time for training and drills.

Q. Am I expected to foot the bill for their time away from the job?
A. Absolutely not. In fact, since all our Volunteers understand they must make up any time missed, it will cost you nothing out of pocket.

Q. Is there a practical business benefit to our company in encouraging our employees to volunteer?
A. More than one, actually. You’ll be helping tokeep Rockland County’s property taxes as low as possible by ensuring that our firefighting force remains all-volunteer. Plus, your employees will receive thousands of dollars in valuable career training, which often brings added value to their place of employment.

Most volunteers say they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in helping their community, as well as increased confidence in themselves and their abilities. Studies have shown these attributes reflect directly on the quality of their work on the job.

Q. How do we get started?
A. Just let your employees know that you’re behind them and appreciate what they’re doing for their communities. Let them know that they may respond to crucial emergency calls as long as they make up their time.

Q. How can we do more?
A. That’s pretty easy as well. If you want to offer discounted products or services to county Volunteers, just contact us directly for assistance. We’ll work with you to define your program, then help get the information out to our members.

Q. Can being community minded help my business?
A. Numerous studies have demonstrated that increased respect for management translates directly into increased productivity. By showing your employees that your company believes in the value of being responsible community citizens, you are showing them that you believe in the importance of social responsibility.

Additionally, most community-oriented business people enjoy doing business with like-minded companies and individuals. Become ‘One of the Ones’ and you will find that many of your business peers are already involved; showing their support via discounted services, dedicated programs and more.

Q. What kind of skills or products do you need?
A. Behind every firefighter or rescue provider there are scores of people who support them. If you or your employees have a skill, we have a way to use it and if your company provides a service or product that people need, our volunteers and their families will benefit from discounted pricing.